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Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Please feel free to download more information about our Seminar below and also view several articles and presentations by the panel around the topic of Mental Health.

Article by
Norman Pickavance


Beyond Awareness
By Norman Pciakvance

Talk for Health


00:00:18 - Introduction to the webinar by Norman Pickavance

00:02:11 - Introduction to the panel, Nicky Forsyth, CEO of Talk for Health, Jim Woods, Founder and CEO of                          Betterspace & Maff Potts, Founder of Camerados

00:03:19 - Introduction to Webinar by Natasha Makhijani, Group CEO of Oliver Sanderson Group PLC

00:05:37 - Outline of Seminar by Norman Pickavance

00:10:52 - Video on the Challenges of Mental health during this crisis, COVID-19 in 2020

00:19:50 - Intro & presentation by Jim Woods, Founder & CEO of Mobile app; Betterspace

00:35:00 - Intro & presentation by Nicky Forsyth, CEO of Talk for Health

00:52:00 - Maff Potts, Founder of Camerados

01:04:49 – Panellist discussion and Q&A from attendees

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