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Since our foundation in 2011, EDI has been at the heart of our work at Oliver Sanderson.

We have developed a unique and proven diversity shortlisting process, with a proud track record of diverse appointments to high-profile roles across varied sectors.

We have also launched two charities: one focusing on increasing access to the top levels of the HR sector for aspiring Black professionals; another pioneering progress in the area of “shadow boards”.

Our mission is to lead the way in discovering and engaging with the next generation of diverse business leaders, while driving improvements in representation across a wide range of sectors.

For our clients, we are committed to connecting mission-led businesses with diverse talent. For our company, we are committed to fostering a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion – a place where everyone feels welcome and supported to fulfil their potential.

To achieve our mission, we foster a collaborative approach that involves partnering with diverse organisations, communities, and networks. Our CEO, Natasha Makhijani, continually shares her path-breaking experiences as an Asian woman leader in this industry and maintains a powerful voice in the discussion on EDI and dismantling barriers to entry.


In addition to our search processes, we launched the Black Leadership Advisory Council (B.L.A.C.), a charity dedicated to accelerating the development of emerging Black leaders, especially in senior HR roles. This initiative not only enhances our ability to identify diverse talent but also drives change at a systemic level.

We embrace technology as a means to make our processes more accessible and inclusive, reaching beyond traditional search methods and networks. Through our mobile job board Snapp, a pioneering voice-enabled platform partnered with Amazon Alexa, we break down barriers for individuals with different abilities and needs.

In summary, we seek to shape a future where leadership positions are accessible to all, regardless of background, and where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated. Our mission is to create a lasting impact, driving improvements in representation and fostering an inclusive business landscape for generations to come.


Natasha Makhijani, Practical Steps for Recruitment Firms to Achieve More Diverse Shortlists


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