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Embracing Innovation, Technology, and AI. Introducing Snapp CV.

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We harness new technology to make our processes more accessible and inclusive, reaching beyond traditional search methods and networks.

Through our award-winning mobile job board Snapp, a pioneering AI and voice-enabled platform with an exclusive Amazon Alexa partnership, we break down barriers for individuals with different abilities and needs.

Work with us to discover the next generation of business leaders.

And to shape a future where leadership positions are accessible to all, regardless of background, and where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated.


Snapp is a cutting-edge software platform designed, created, and owned by the Oliver Sanderson Group. This mobile job board and digital recruitment platform provides innovative and intuitive solutions at every stage of the recruitment process.

With a voice technology-enabled search function, introductory candidate and client profile videos, integrated job applications, and a video interviewing tool, Snapp unlocks a new world of talent, connecting great people with great jobs all around the world.

Via an exclusive integration partnership with Amazon Alexa, Snapp powers Alexa's "Find me a Job" skill, providing unrivalled international reach.


Snapp: The Numbers

Snapp is the world’s first voice-technology enabled mobile job board, and its connection with Amazon Alexa provides access to over 100 million devices. The app was a trending download on the Amazon Alexa platform, with over 11,000 downloads in 90 days. Snapp currently has a database of over 25 million candidates in the UK and the USA, with over 250,000 positions listed on its mobile job board. We have had over 90,000 user downloads on Amazon Alexa in two months through the “find me a job” skill.

Snapp has made a significant impact by leading the way on Voice Technology. We are the first mobile job board in the world owning the Amazon Alexa skill “find me a job”, and our voice search technology is breaking down barriers and ushering in a new era of recruitment.

25 Million

Over 25 million candidates in the UK and the USA


Over 250,000 positions listed on its mobile job board


Rob Boville,
Chief Technology Officer at Snapp CV

Rob Boville joined Snapp CV as Co-Founder and CTO in 2023. Bringing his extensive experience and innovative vision to guide the platform through its next stage of development. As Snapp CV gears up for Series A funding, Rob’s leadership will be crucial in refining the technological strategy and scaling operations.


Before Snapp CV, Rob worked in many hyper scale technology businesses collaborating with AWS, Azure, NVidia, Intel, NASA and several tier 1 banking institutions. 


At the end of 2023 he co-founded BearTech, which is an innovative software and technology consultancy focussed on bringing technology solutions to market to add the maximum value.


His career has spanned diverse sectors globally, including FinTech, aviation, and electric vehicle charging. His pioneering work in AI and machine vision systems has also propelled major advancements for a variety of industries.


At Snapp CV, Rob will leverage his expertise to build the platform of the future, incorporating AI, Machine Learning and hyper-scale cloud experience enhancing operational efficiency and security backed by the BearTech team.


In addition to his role at Snapp CV, Rob has been a crucial advisor to UK startups. His collaborative leadership style and commitment to mentoring make him a forward-thinking leader dedicated to solving complex customer problems and driving technological advancement while helping develop teams and individuals to further their careers.


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